ok i hope someone can helpme

i need display a menu like a presentation page

using assambly code, but when i put

name db 'homer simpson','$'
adress db 'everygreen','$'
phone db '555-555',

mark unknow assambly code name db ......

I using TC but i need put instruction in assambly code

1. Why are you still messing about with such an old compiler?
2. Why (oh WHY) are you trying to write assembler in your C programs.

What lesson are you meant to be learning, futility?

the class is about ensambly, but don't know how to call Video interrupcions insede a C program

If you are taking an assembly class why are you wrinting C program? How write to the screen that depends on the operating system you are using because each one is different. For MS-DOS, start here

ok thx, btw im taking assamble class, but i can use C program for make easy create a calculator and simplify things conditional is: all operations have be writen in asm