i have finished coding a c# program and it is fully debugged. but what is the next step?

the program has to be installed on my manager's computer but i little idea how to proceed.

i know that i can publish the program to some location on my hard disk. and i have tested another program and i know that once it is published then i can cut it from that one location and paste it on some other location and it works.

but what if i cut and paste it on another computer? the project uses various classes and forms. some of the forms have been developed in other projects and i added them to this current project. if i publish it to my harddrive and i copy and paste it on my md's computer would it still run or will it tell me that it needs this class and that form is missing or something?

and what other software is needed? i know that i need the dot net framework on my md's pc. but what else is needed? do i need to install c# or anything else on my md's pc?

i would really appreciate it if someone could help me on this. and oh yes i almost forgot. i use visual c# express edition. i dont know if this fact is important.

ravenous wolf

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If you publish it creates a clickonce application shortcut that packages together each file that is part of the entire solution as a .deploy. It is given a pre-made installer and even installs .NET framework on the machine.

if you know/discover your dependencies, you may also use a third party setup script. You may try Innosetup.

Also, Visual Studio has Deployment project, too. MSDN has some excellent documentation that will allow you to build a pretty decent Setup.exe program.

the problem is.. express version doesn' t have it.

the problem is.. express version doesn' t have it.

Yikes! sorry I missed that!

Yeah in that case, you can just use the Deploy functionality built into there. My bad!

ok u can use the xcpoy command to deploy your project instead of the deployment program offered by VSutdio
it is quite simple
Tape xcopy in the MSDN help and u will see how it runs

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