im a beginner in C++ and require help in developing a program that converts the price of a list of items from a text file from £ to euros.
i am supposed to be able to edit this program so that there is
a). GBP/Euro conversion rate.
b). Data to be handled in both GBP and Euro values.
c). Data entry to be error-checked and handled appropriately.

i would appreciate anyones help who has any spare time( which i know is asking alot).
any pointers on where to start or how to go about completing this would be very helpful

thank you in advance for viewing this thread.


the code is on the first text file and the second is the item list file.

Please post code within code tags. Might this help?

sorry i didnt read the small print in yahoo where it says that public folders are no longer public unless i give access to them.
i managed to get some help from a collegue and have made a start on it.

thanks to any1 that had a look at this thread.


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