Hi to everyone,
I woud be pleased if you can write me,
i have Dev-C++ and when i create project -> Win App in C++ code ,the
Dev-C++ write me a lot of code wich i do not really understud how code reflect to a window and if you woud be so nice to reslove my problem.
If you can find me a any document about that(Windows App. programing in Dev-C++) i will send you a free book on C and C++ language.
Thanks for reading my message.

Here is an introductory tutorial -- and you can keep your free book

On another note, Dev-CPP is rather out-dated now, despite remaining pretty popular...

If you feel up to it, take a look at Code::Blocks - it's another Free IDE that supports dev paks and loads more features than Dev-CPP:

Just make sure you use a Nightly Build!

Just make sure you use a Nightly Build!

why? does the compiler change from day-to-day?
[edit]After reading the link you posted I see what you mean. Yes the compiler might change on a daily basis[/edit]

I am so happy right now.
Thank you very much.