hi.i am not sure if i posted this in the right area.if i didn't please forgive me.i am learning how to do this.i am not sure how to explain it,so i will try to explain and tell you what i see happening.please bear with me as i don't really understand shorter terms or computer lingo.

i have 2 computer doing same troubles.this one is :dell dimisionxp other is:gatewayxp....i am new to computers. i will try to explain it best i can,and hopefully give all information needed to help me learn what i need to do to fix this trouble.i want to learn how to do it,but not sure what steps i need to do.please bear with me as i explain what i see it doing,i am not familiar with computer lingo.

my trouble: when i go to a game site called:pogo.com i run into this trouble here. i go there,as i am a member to lay thier games.i go there,choose a game.my main page then loads to the page.here i need to pick a rom/or table. i pick my room/table.a secondary window(i call i tthis'secondary window'as my main page is behind it until i click the minus and it goes below).when this secondary window opens up-it shrinks on me!.on both computers it does this. when it is done loadin gin,i can not click on the bottom where i would chat away,and the top it cut off some.i have asked:verizon-pogo-java-dell-gateway-for help,all they do is say 'it not thier issue and blame other servers'...when we were using dial up and wen tto this pogo.com,and a secondary window opened up-at the top was a yellow line saying'active x'.if we double clicked this-the secondary window opened up just fine,to correct size. we do not see this now!.now we are using dsl & dsl wireless from verizon.we lived across the hall,and i only had 1 computer at that time.the socondary window had the 'active x'.now we moved in here,and have 2 computers.we are now using:verizon dsl,thier unit called:westall327w'.it has dsl unit & router built in it.other computer is using the dsl unit.this dell computer is using:d-link.apparently when i called up verizon,to let them know i have recieved the dsl westall327w unit,and to help me hook up onllone.they said i need to go get a thing called'd-link.so,i am using on this dell computer d-link that runs off the dsl /router unit in other room. when the secondary window opens up and it big sized,i can type at the bottom,and see game jsut fine sort of.you can see when it loading in,it blinks a few times,but not shrink to bad....if the secondary window opens small sized-nope! game loads in,but at top it cut off(the active x line may be there i can not see it)-and bottom is cut off.i want to learn how to fix this on both systems. both systems uses xp windows.i been tryin ghard to find the answer to my issue/trouble. i am not a professional,i don't really understand when they say'it's a applet issue or java issue'.i don't know where to go to see if something needs updating (java2 is updated).or if somethin gneeds to be unchecked or removed or turned on or whatever.i have learned to go to:start-run-type in control-look forj ava-click it-what type i using -1.5.0 on both computer.there i also click -advanced tab-go to list-click-<applet>tag support-click this-internet explorer is checked marked.here i also can update java2-it says it is newest version.please help me figure out what i need to do.i am just going in circles for several weeks with no resolutions.those companies just keep saying 'not thier issues'...what do i need to do? sorry to ramble on,just so frustrated,trying to fix this issue/trouble.i thought a simple click here or there would fix it.i honestly don't know what to do.or know what to do to fix myself.please if you able to understand my trouble,please explain how i can learn how to fix this.please explain in full details,so i will not misunderstand or do a major'ooppss'.step by step would be nice.thank you very much for your time.i would be very grateful for any help on this.

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Your biggest problem seems to be a non-functional spacebar and some non-functional shift keys.
I gave up even trying to read your post after the first 2 paragraphs, as it's impossible to follow.

I dont have a clue what you're asking here. First you mention something about games from a website, then go on to talk about replacing a dlink router with a westell 327. (which I used to troubleshoot all of verizon's routers and modems) Then you go back to the games that load fine when the window is "big sized" (its called maximized). I kinda stopped reading there, your typing gave me a headache.

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