Hi to all,
I have Windows XP professional SP2 and Dev-C++ and
when i go to the Device Manager -> Keyboard-> Resources i see
I/O Range 0064-0060
and the ports have also addres.
And all other things wich have addres.
My question is ,is it really addres or i am wrong informed and if it addres how to use in Dev-C++?is it possible?
Woud you be so good man and share information with me?
If you have any contact how to use these resource for me you will be the man who i respect .
Anyway if you do not help me thank you for your effort to read my message.

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you make no sense

What have no sence ?Be special.
I do not understand.

>>My question is ,is it really addres or i am wrong informed and if it addres how to use in Dev-C++?is it possible?

Yes, as far as I know, those are the actual memory address. You can not access them directly with any 32-bit compiler unless you write your own device driver as Vijayan posted.

What is it that you want to do? There is probably another way to do it without accessing actual memory locations.

I want to controle some robot from my computer port eg. (crane).
But if i do not use Dev-C++ then i need to learn another program witch i won't.Because takes time to learn.
And i want to command from Win App.
What to do then?

So what 'port' is your robot plugged into?
- Serial
- Parallel

> My question is ,is it really addres or i am wrong informed
All x86 processors have a large amount of memory address space (where your program runs from), and 64K of I/O space (where all the attached devices live).
In all modern operating systems like XP, direct access to the I/O space is not allowed, as any incorrect use of the hardware can seriously compromise the machine.

Under normal circumstances, to access the hardware you would have to go via one of the standard drivers which come with the OS. So, if you're using a standard interface, a lot of the basic stuff is already done for you.

Those are not memory address locations ,but I/O Port addresses
used for external hardware control, which is what you are
looking for. If you are using a regular old intel type X86 or Pentium
type PC, you will need to do some wiring OR buy an I/O module
that plugs into the PC so you can control your robot. Depending on
how many hardware pins you need, you may be able to use a printer
port or a USB I/O "black box" device that allows you to control
motors and lights and things. In fact, I believe there is a company
called Black box that offers such things. Use Google for that kind of search.

To see how these I/O ports actually work, you would need to go to intel.com or
AMD or download a data sheet or users manual on the processor you
are working with.


I thought it was possible from Dev-C++ directly but anyway i need to pay them what is not a option.
Thank you for you efort.

That's it?
You're not going to even tell us a little bit of how your robot is attached to your PC?

I tought on some port LTP,COM but i can't command it with Dev-C++ so i retreat from my operatino.It woud be a crane who had a motors and some eletronical logical pices.
With commands at max 3 bits.

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