Hello ,

please help with a code to write in a Microsoft word file .

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Could you please be more deatailed about the requirements of the assignment & what you've tried thus far? Thanks!

hello ..
I need a function to access a word file ..
read the extract the sentences . one by one .

My task is to do a text structuring program
I programmed it to read from a text file ,but now I need to enhance it and let it take its input sentences from a word file *.doc ..

that's why I need this function .
I'm using visual studio 2005

Make an attempt, post your code and then we can help on what you dont understand.

u need to install the visual tool for office witch is a pack that enables developpers to work in an interop environment it's downlodable from the microsoft web site me personnaly I have developed an excel application using this pack
for more informations refer to Visual tools for office in How do I in the MSDN good luck!!!

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