Hi to all, I am new to this C++ world

I have kind of a quick question. I need to do a modified selection sort that can handle characters. I know how to do one but only with integers (see code below). Any help or suggestion as to how I should go about it is greatly appriciated. : )
//function selection_sort...

void selection_sort (int array[], int elements)
	int start_scan, my_index, my_value;
	for (start_scan = 0; start_scan < (elements - 1); start_scan++)
		my_index = start_scan; 
		my_value = array[start_scan];

		for (int index = start_scan + 1; index < elements; index++)

			if (array[index] < my_value)
				my_value = array[index];
				my_index = index;
		array[my_index] = array[start_scan];  //swap the elements
		array[start_scan] = my_value;
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