I Have one application in vs.net 2003.I used crystal report 9.0.When I am trying to deploy the S/w on client machine it gives error in crystal repot that KeycodeV32 /missing.I searched Lot on Web About the error.Some Said CR need a Licence.Is It true.How Can I get the licence.

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CR comes with Visual Studio .Net and you should just be able to register it without paying anything extra, that's what I did. Even after that it was a pain to package. This link should help you along; http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms314043(VS.71).aspx

hi thanks
for reply
My error was solved.But I have the another error."Load report Failed"

I don't know how to set path of crystal report.I have set the path by crystal report wizard.we can't chnge the path at runtime.I have define Application.stratuppath .But crystal report can not get this path.

can u help me plz

I hope that this helps. I copied it from a working project that I did a year or so ago. The data adapter and dataset are global so that fields from the dataset can be used when designing the report and there is a different dataset for each report that I did.

Private Sub ReportType(ByVal dStartDate As Date, ByVal dEndDate As Date)
        Dim strSql, strFile As String, intRecords As Integer
        'Declare an instance of the report
        Dim NewReport As New ReportDocument
            'clear the dataset of data from previous reports
            'set the sqlstring
            strSql = "Select  Rep_name, Id_Num, [Date], Details_of_call, CallDirection " & _
            "From Callrecord Where Date >= '" & dStartDate & "' and Date <= '" & dEndDate & "'" & _
            " and Type_call = '" & Me.cboType.SelectedItem & _
            "' Order by Date"

            'set the dap's sql string
            Me.dapZoneReport.SelectCommand.CommandText = strSql
            'fill the dap
            intRecords = Me.dapZoneReport.Fill(Me.DsZoneReport1)

            'load the report. The path will have to be changed to the project file's bin file
            'before the release.
            With System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly
                strFile = .Location.Substring(0, InStrRev(.Location, "\bin\")) _
                        & "CallTypeReport.rpt"
            End With

            'set the parameters in the report
            NewReport.SetParameterValue("StartDate", dStartDate)
            NewReport.SetParameterValue("EndDate", dEndDate)
            NewReport.SetParameterValue("Type", Me.cboType.SelectedItem)

            'set the report's datasource

            'bind it to the viewer.
            Me.crvReport.ReportSource = NewReport

        Catch ex As Exception
            Throw ex
        End Try
    End Sub

Thanks for ur reply.

I will try the code

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