I recently bought the "Teach Yourself Game Programming In 24 Hours" and it doesn't seem to be helping me much. The book gives you code for a game but really doesn't explain it or tell you how to use it in your own game. I am attempting to make a game with Borland C++ Builder 6 that is a 2D shooting game where the mouse is crosshairs. I have the background and objects set up but I don't know how to get the objects to move for one thing. I also don't know how to make the game count the hits, make the mouse a crosshair, and I don't know how to incorperate sound. One more thing, I really don't understand how you are supposed to just know what C++ commands you are supposed to type. Please help me out here... Thanks!

it sounds like you need alot more experience in C++ before you dive into a game. Try other books on programming, and do some tutorials, it sounds like your very new, and a game might be a little to far out of your reach.

You will need to learn more C++ if you dont know what you are supposed to type.

To make objects move is quite simple.Just add to their X,Y coordinates and draw them to the screen.Post your code and we will check it out and will help.

I would rather that you used a C++ programming book to learn C++ if you are not fimiliar with c++ concepts like classes