I have been given an assignment to complete by next Tuesday... (it was supposed to be a week Tuesday but my College messed up the dates). I have been told to construct the classes (base and derived) for a 'contact' program. The actual program doesn't have to work... the teacher just wants to see the coding for the classes to store information about a person i.e their name, address, telephone number, gender, (e-mail address even) and so on. He also wants me to demonstrate that I know how to use DMA (dynamic memory allocation)
Right, so thats what I have to do. I have previously done two courses on Visual Basic so I used my knowledge on that to help me write it in C++ but I have recently realised that it is harder to write a program in one language and then convert it to another than just write it in the language that you need it in, in the first place (I know thats hard to make sense of but thats the case for me).
Basically, I need help. Apparently my teacher can do it in 15 minutes so its not a very big task, but as you know, C++ is a tricky language to get to grips with and I just can't get my head around some of the concepts involved. My e-mail is exley@hotmail.com and I would be ever so pleased if someone can e-mail me to say that they can help me sort it out. I will even (this is not a bribe!) donate $25 (via paypal) to this website if someone can help me sort this situation out. I have tried to do it on my own but I can't ask my teacher because he is on Holiday (vacation) at the moment and we only get taught be him once a week anyway. If someone does e-mail me saying they will help me I can send them the actual assignment sheet that was given to me so we both know exactly what is needed to be done. Thank you for reading this e-mail and I hope someone can contact me soon.

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Sorry, it's forum policy not to directly write your assignment for you without seeing that you have tried yourself. However, here are some pointers:

A class lets you create an object. An object can be thought of as something that encompasses multiple pieces of data. For example, suppose you have a class called bank_account. The bank_account class consist of variables such as String your_name and float your_money to store your name and how much money you have.

You can now declare multiple instances of this bank_account class. You can create account1 and account2. Each of these bank_account objects consists of both variables, someone's name and how much money they have.

This now gives you access to variables by using account1.your_name or account2.your_money for example.

For more information about classes visit [thread]1739[/thread]
Good luck!!

Try to do as much as you can, and post code here. Someone will try to help you. You asking someone to write a whole program for you for $25, is not enough, no matter how compelling your story might be. If you're really desperate, try going to http://www.rentacoder.com/

I am sorry but I think we got mixed up somewhere... I meant I was going to place a contribution to this forum if someone helped me because I noticed that you are in need of some funding. Besides, I thought $25 for 15 minutes work seems pretty fair to me! Thankyou for the link to renta-coders... I will turn to that as a last resort and will try and do what I can and post it soon.

I understand what you're saying. However, it's forum policy not to do homework questions for people. For more information, check out this thread:


If you post some code or talk to us about it, we'll be more than glad to help you here. But we won't do the assignment for you. However, you're welcome to post in our Service Requests forum (http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/forum42.html). Perhaps there you could find a member who is willing to do this for you - that is between you and the member.

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