Hello guys. I'm creating a web application on Netbeans. Under Source Packages, I've created:
- DAO Factories for Customer, Inquiries, and Employee;
-DB Connection to establish connectivity with a database I've created;
-Entities which include Customer, Inquiries, and Employee;
-Servlets containing Login, Reservations, EmployeeRegistration.

I'm just wondering if my understanding of the MVC model using these files is correct. DAO's contain the actions that the entities can perform i.e. under EmployeeDAO I have EditEmployee, RegisterEmployee, ConfirmReservation. Servlets implement such methods from the DAO's to manipulate the data on my jsp pages. Please correct if I'm wrong. Thank you!

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That's not exactly what I would think of as MVC either. But it does look like good architecture, regardless of what you call it.

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