Implementing classification task, clasification method which using k nearst this method data set separated two parts as train data and test data, train data is for generating system model, test data is for detecting accuracy of system model. The Data set is wine data set, these data are the results of a chemical analysis of wines grown in the same region in italy, but derived fron three deferent cultivars. The analysis determined the quantities of 13 constituents found in each of three types wines.
First attribute os class identifier (1-3)
2-Malic acid
Other attributes are
4-Alcalinity of Ash
6-total phenols
8-Nonflavanoid phenols
10-Color intensity
12-OD280/OD315 of diluted wines
In addition to this clasaification program k value and distance formulas shoud be changeable.

Using C#.
Help plz it's home work and urgent!

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We do NOT do your homework for you! Please read the terms of use/service for this site. That is made perfectly clear. Make an honest attempt to solve the problem, post the code and any errors you are getting here, and then we may help you.

Rubberman thank u for comment u are right, but actually It isn't my home work sorry my English isn't fine and this program sent for me from my friend I want help her ahe worked on it and told that she cant finished it As I said I wanted help her I will try to ask her for codes thank u!

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