Write a MIPS assembly program that reads an input file(OR that reads input text separated by endlines(\n)) and returns how many times a user specified string appears. Let me know how much you would charge for it.

I need to try getting this done today since it is due tomorrow. This should probably take around 100 lines of code(if you're efficient, it would probably be much less), if you want, I can give you my program in C that does it if you know how to convert from C to mips. Let me know how much it would cost. I'm using Mars 4.5 to assemble it.

The easiest way to do it in pseudocode could simply be:
* Read a substring to search for
* Read strings terminated by "\n" and check for substring
* If a string contains a substring, increment global count by 1
* After all lines are read(for this purpose, lets say the final line is "\n" with no other text), return the global count

If it makes it easier for you and you can't figure out how to get the substring from the user, you can have the substring hardcoded in the program, but that would not be preferred.

If you want more of a challenge(not necessary, but would pay extra), have the program contain a buffer and actually search a text file(input by user) to see how many times it contains the string.