Hello guys so i'm quite new to C++ but i already learned OOP and other things so i want to use this little knowledge yet to create some basic program. I wanted to make a program that uses some API's but the problem is i'm not famillar how API's work and how can i implent it with C++ language.. First i thought there are a header or library that i need to use it but i can't still figure it out..

Anyway this is the API i wanted to use , This is from a building/scripting game ROBLOX where you create games using Lua language.
It's check if a username is already registered, It's simple API since i want to start with a simple one but if you can recommend what should i learn here are some API's that i want to do in the future.


Anyone? ^ ^

Wow, i've been trying different google query and i can't find any info. Thanks for this.

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