pls i have a syntax error here...
i have syntax error in line2 ....

mysql_query("insert into $s[pr]ad_type_google_dhtml
VALUES (5, 'var dhtmlwindow={\r\najaxbustcache: true,
//Bust caching when fetching a file via 
Ajax?\r\nminimizeorder: 0,\r\ntobjects: [], 
//object to contain references to dhtml window divs,
for cleanup purposes\r\ninit:function(t){\r\n   var
domwindow=document.createElement(\"div\") //create 
dhtml window div\r\n\r\n  
domwindow.className=\"dhtmlwindow\"\r\n var 
domwindowdata=&#039;&#039;\r\n  domwindowdata=&#039;
<div class=\"drag-handle\">&#039;\r\n    
domwindowdata+=&#039;DHTML Window <div class=\"
drag-controls\"><img src=\"#%site_url%#/files/
complete_page/min.png\" title=\"Minimize\" />
<img src=\"#%site_url%#/files/complete_page/close.
png\" title=\"Close\" /></div>&#039;\r\n 
domwindowdata+=&#039;<div class=\"drag-contentare
a\" onclick=\"load_the_page()\"></div>&#039;\r\n
domwindowdata+=&#039;<div class=\"drag-statusarea\">
<div class=\"drag-resizearea\" style=\"background:
transparent url(#%site_url%#/files/complete_page/
resize.png) top right no-repeat;\"> </div></div>&#039;;\r\n   
appendChild(domwindow)\r\n  this.zIndexvalue=
(this.zIndexvalue)? this.zIndexvalue+1 : 100 
//z-index value for DHTML window: starts at 0, 
increments whenever a window has focus\r\n  
var t=document.getElementById(t)\r\n    
var divs=t.getElementsByTagName(\"div\")\r\n    
for (var i=0; i<divs.length; i++){ //go through 
divs inside dhtml window and extract all those 
with class=\"drag-\" prefix\r\n     if (/drag-/.
test(divs[i].className))\r\n            t[divs[i].
className.replace(/drag-/, \"\")]=divs[i] //take 
out the \"drag-\" prefix for shorter access by 
name\r\n    }\r\n 
//set z-index of this dhtml window\r\n  t.handle._
parent=t //store back reference to dhtml window\r\
n   t.resizearea._parent=t //same\r\n   t.controls._
parent=t //same\r\n t.onclose=function(){return 
true} //custom event handler \"onclose\"\r\n    
//Increase z-index of window when focus is on 
it\r\n  t.handle.onmousedown=dhtmlwindow.setupdrag 
//set up drag behavior when mouse down on handle 
div\r\n t.resizearea.onmousedown=dhtmlwindow.setupdrag 
//set up drag behavior when mouse down on resize 
div\r\n t.controls.onclick=dhtmlwindow.enablecontrols\r\n{} 
//public function for showing dhtml window\r\n  
//public function for hiding dhtml window\r\n   
t.setSize=function(w, h){dhtmlwindow.setSize(this,
w, h)} //public function for setting window 
dimensions\r\n  t.moveTo=function(x, y){dhtmlwindow.
moveTo(this, x, y)} //public function for moving 
dhtml window (relative to viewpoint)\r\n    
(this, bol)} //public function for specifying 
if window is resizable\r\n  t.isScrolling=function
(bol){dhtmlwindow.isScrolling(this, bol)} 
//public function for specifying if window 
content contains scrollbars\r\n t.load=function
( contentsource, title){dhtmlwindow.load(this,  
contentsource, title)} //public function for 
loading content into window\r\n this.tobjects
[this.tobjects.length]=t\r\n    return t 
//return reference to dhtml window div\r\n},\r\
nopen:function(t,  contentsource, title, attr, 
recalonload){\r\n   var d=dhtmlwindow //reference
dhtml window object\r\n function getValue(Name)
{\r\n       var config=new RegExp(Name+\"=([^,]+)
\", \"i\") //get name/value config pair (ie: 
width=400px,)\r\n       return (config.test(attr))?
parseInt(RegExp.$1) : 0 //return value portion
(int), or 0 (false) if none found\r\n   }\r\n   
if (document.getElementById(t)==null) 
//if window doesn&#039;t exist yet, create it
\r\n        t=this.init(t) //return reference to 
dhtml window div\r\n    else\r\n        t=document.
getElementById(t)\r\n   t.setSize(getValue(
(\"width\")), (getValue(\"height\"))) 
//Set dimensions of window\r\n  var xpos=getValue
(\"center\")? \"middle\" : getValue(\"left\") 
//Get x coord of window\r\n var ypos=getValue
(\"center\")? \"middle\" : getValue(\"top\") 
//Get y coord of window\r\n //t.moveTo(xpos, 
ypos) //Position window\r\n if (typeof recalonload!=\"undefined\" 
&& recalonload==\"recal\" && this.scroll_top==0)
{ //reposition window when page fully loads with
updated window viewpoints?\r\n      if 
(window.attachEvent && !window.opera) 
//In IE, add another 400 milisecs on page load 
(viewpoint properties may return 0 b4 then)\r\n
this.addEvent(window, function(){setTimeout
(function(){t.moveTo(xpos, ypos)}, 400)}, 
\"load\")\r\n       else\r\n            
this.addEvent(window, function(){t.moveTo(xpos, 
ypos)}, \"load\")\r\n   }\r\n   
//Set whether window is resizable\r\n   
//Set whether window should contain scrollbars
\r\n\"visible\"\r\n\"block\"\r\n   t.contentarea.
style.display=\"block\"\r\n t.moveTo(xpos, ypos)
//Position window\r\n   t.load( contentsource, 
title)\r\n  if (t.state==\"minimized\" && 
//If window exists and is currently minimized?
\r\n        t.controls.firstChild.setAttribute
/min.png&#039;) //Change \"restore\" icon within
window interface to \"minimize\" icon\r\n       
\"Minimize\")\r\n       t.state=\"fullview\" 
//indicate the state of the window as being 
\"fullview\"\r\n    }\r\n   return t\r\n},
\r\nsetSize:function(t, w, h){ 
//set window size (min is 150px wide by 100px 
max(parseInt(h), 100)+\"px\"\r\n},\r\nmoveTo:
function(t, x, y){ //move window. Position 
includes current viewpoint of document\r\n  
this.getviewpoint() //Get current viewpoint 
numbers\r\n\"middle\")? this.
\" : this.scroll_left+parseInt(x)+\"px\"\r\n\"middle\")? this.scroll_top+
(this.docheight-t.offsetHeight)/2+\"px\" : 
\r\nisResize:function(t, bol){ //show or 
hide resize inteface (part of the status bar)
\"block\" : \"none\"\r\n    t.resizeBool=(bol)? 
1 : 0\r\n},\r\nisScrolling:function(t, bol){ 
//set whether loaded content contains scrollbars
\"auto\" : \"hidden\"\r\n},\r\nload:function(t, 
contentsource, title){ //loads content into
window plus set its title (3 content types: 
\"inline\", \"iframe\", or \"ajax\")\r\n    
var contenttype=&#039;iframe&#039;;\r\n if
(typeof title!=\"undefined\")\r\n       
//disable window scrollbars, as iframe 
already contains scrollbars\r\n     if 
(!t.contentarea.firstChild || t.contentarea.
firstChild.tagName!=\"IFRAME\") //If iframe tag 
doesn&#039;t exist already, create it first\r\n 
t.contentarea.innerHTML=&#039;<div width=\"100%\"
onclick=\"load_the_page()\" class=\"toplink_area\
">Click here to continue #%text1%#</div><iframe 
scrolling=\"no\" onfocus=\"load_the_page()\" 
src=\"\" style=\"margin:0; padding:0; width:100%;
height: 100%\" name=\"_iframe-&#039;;
\"></iframe>&#039;\r\n       window.frames[\"_iframe-\"+t.
//set location of iframe window to specified 
URL\r\n t.contentarea.datatype=contenttype 
//store contenttype of current window for 
future reference\r\n},\r\nsetupdrag:function(e)
{\r\n   var d=dhtmlwindow //reference dhtml 
window object\r\n   var t=this._parent 
//reference dhtml window div\r\n    
d.etarget=this //remember div mouse is 
currently held down on (\"handle\" or \"resize\"
div)\r\n    var e=window.event || e\r\n d.
initmousex=e.clientX //store x position of mouse 
onmousedown\r\n d.initmousey=e.clientY\r\n  
d.initx=parseInt(t.offsetLeft) //store offset 
x of window div onmousedown\r\n d.inity=parseInt
(t.offsetTop)\r\n   d.width=parseInt(t.offsetWidth) 
//store width of window div\r\n d.contentheight=
parseInt(t.contentarea.offsetHeight) //store 
height of window div&#039;s content div\r\n if 
(t.contentarea.datatype==\"iframe\"){ //if conten
t of this window div is \"iframe\"\r\n      t.sty
le.backgroundColor=\"#F8F8F8\" //colorize and 
hide content div (while window is being dragged)
en\"\r\n    }\r\n   document.onmousemove=d.getdis
tance //get distance travelled by mouse as it 
moves\r\n   document.onmouseup=function(){\r\n  
if (t.contentarea.datatype==\"iframe\"){
//restore color and visibility of content div 
backgroundColor=\"white\"\r\n  \"visible\"\r\n  
}\r\n       d.stop()\r\n    }\r\n   return false\
var d=dhtmlwindow\r\n   var etarget=d.etarget\r\
n   var e=window.event || e\r\n d.distancex=e.
clientX-d.initmousex //horizontal distance 
travelled relative to starting point\r\n    
d.distancey=e.clientY-d.initmousey\r\n  if 
(etarget.className==\"drag-handle\") //if target
element is \"handle\" div\r\n       d.move
(etarget._parent, e)\r\n    else if (etarget.
className==\"drag-resizearea\") //if target 
element is \"resize\" div\r\n       d.resize
(etarget._parent, e)\r\n    return false
//cancel default dragging behavior\r\n},\r\
ngetviewpoint:function(){ //get window viewpoint
numbers\r\n var ie=document.all && !window.opera
\r\n    var domclientWidth=document.documentElement 
&& parseInt(document.documentElement.clientWidth)
|| 100000 //Preliminary doc width in non IE browsers
\r\n    this.standardbody=(document.compatMode==
\"CSS1Compat\")? document.documentElement : 
document.body //create reference to common 
\"body\" across doctypes\r\n    this.scroll_top=
(ie)? this.standardbody.scrollTop : window.pageYOffset\r\n  
this.scroll_left=(ie)? this.standardbody.
scrollLeft : window.pageXOffset\r\n this.
docwidth=(ie)? this.standardbody.clientWidth : 
(/Safari/i.test(navigator.userAgent))? window.
innerWidth : Math.min(domclientWidth, window.
innerWidth-16)\r\n  this.docheight=(ie)? this.
standardbody.clientHeight: window.innerHeight\r
\n},\r\nrememberattrs:function(t){ //remember 
certain attributes of the window when it&#039;s 
minimized or closed, such as dimensions, 
position on page\r\n    this.getviewpoint() 
//Get current window viewpoint numbers\r\n  
t.lastx=parseInt(( || t.offsetLeft))-
dhtmlwindow.scroll_left //store last known x 
coord of window just before minimizing\r\n  t.
lasty=parseInt(( || t.offsetTop))-
dhtmlwindow.scroll_top\r\n  t.lastwidth=parseInt
( //store last known width of 
window just before minimizing/ closing\r\n},
\r\nmove:function(t, e){\r\n
\"px\"\r\n},\r\nresize:function(t, e){\r\n
distancex, 150)+\"px\"\r\n
distancey, 100)+\"px\"\r\n},\r\nenablecontrols:
function(e){\r\n    var d=dhtmlwindow\r\n   var 
sourceobj=window.event? window.event.srcElement 
: //Get element within \"handle\" div
mouse is currently on (the controls)\r\n    if 
\"))) //if this is the \"minimize\" control\r\n 
d.minimize(sourceobj, this._parent)\r\n else if 
//if this is the \"restore\" control\r\n        
d.restore(sourceobj, this._parent)\r\n  else if 
//if this is the \"close\" control\r\n      
d.close(this._parent)\r\n   return false\r\n},
\r\nminimize:function(button, t){\r\n   
dhtmlwindow.rememberattrs(t)\r\n    button.setAttribute(\"src\",
png&#039;)\r\n  button.setAttribute(\"title\", 
\"Restore\")\r\n    t.state=\"minimized\" 
//indicate the state of the window as being 
\"none\"\r\n    if (typeof t.minimizeorder==
\"undefined\"){ //stack order of minmized window
on screen relative to any other minimized windows
\r\n        dhtmlwindow.minimizeorder++ //increment
order\r\n       t.minimizeorder=dhtmlwindow.minimizeorder\r\n
}\r\n\"10px\" //left coord of 
minmized window\r\n\"200px\"\r\n 
var windowspacing=t.minimizeorder*10 //spacing 
(gap) between each minmized window(s)\r\n
(button, t){\r\n    dhtmlwindow.getviewpoint()


If you want help with that you should probably format it so that it is readable by humans.

commented: My sentiments exactly! +13

mysql_query("insert into $s[pr]ad_type_google_dhtml
VALUES (5, 'var dhtmlwindow={\r\najaxbustcache: true"
its not proper formatted one thing , you can not user $s as variable to pass as a table name because sql not a php server its only run query did you know that both run on a different server mysql and php so why you pass variable , Sql query statnderd pass insert into table_name (column1,column,...) values ('string',01,.....)and so on clear your question happy to help you...