hi all i have duplicated a script i had created and adapted it to something else i want and now im getting a Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_interests_data_from_post() in /home/jktempla/public_html/checkboxes/check.php on line 8

can someone help with this heres the coding for that section



$interests = get_interests_data_from_post() ;

echo $interests . '<br/>';

$query = 'insert into checkbox set name = "'.$interests  ;

//echo $query ;

$insert = mysqli_query ( $mysqli,$query ) or die(mysqli_error($mysqli)) ;

    //echo "added" ;
    header("location: addedinterests.php");

function get_ltm_data_from_post(){

Thankyou in advance

sussed it had a typo

So, where is this function defined? I don't see a definition anywhere in your code.
Also, please make clear what your intentions for this are.

Typo? Ok. But the function does nothing. Again, what is your intention?

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