Where do I begin? How would I go about forming a code of my own that is 'original'? I have seen everything that has already been done before.

I will accept any kind of help with examples and how to go about doing this. I am new at this and really am lost.


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The design was already there I just don't know how to come up with a code. If I start the game and you are allowed only one turn. I just don't where to begin.

What is your level of expertise? If you are at a beginner level then I suggest you start with something simpler. If you have the chops for this project and are just stuck then I suggest you post the code you are having trouble with so that we have something concrete to work with in offering suggestions. Based on your comment

The design was already there I just don't know how to come up with a code.

I think that you are perhaps biting off more than you can chew at this point.

As to the design was already there, you posted code and not the design. There are some that write "read the code" but at some point when the app is big enough there needs to be a design document. Even if it's just a few pages to tell the next maintainer a mile high view of how it works without getting down to methods.

I have issues soming up with a unique code. This is an example but I don't know how to design a battleship game with one turn I've been told to follow something like this.

mode_ = false

def turn():
    # Do stuff for turn
    # When turn is complete flip the switch and run function again for
    # other player
    mode_ = false if mode_ else true
    # The above is called a ternary function, easy to use to flip switches

win = false
turn_ = 0

def turn():
    # Do stuff
    turn_ += 1
    # add 1 to turn count after done with turn

while not win:
    if turn_ % 2 == 0:
        # player 1 goes
        # Player 2

Might I suggest the course over at codecademy.com they literally have an assignment that is to create a battleship game.

commented: Good idea. Learn as you code. +8