I have read a lot that PHP 7 out performs the previous versions of PHP. I am thinking of moving all my websites to PHP 7 so that my sites enjoy a better loading speeds. Please tell me any hosting providers that let me switch my servers to PHP 7

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You will need to contact candidate host sites directly to see if they support it, or if you can install it. Many today will use either virtual machines for their hosted customers, or containers such as Docker in order to give you a safe environment that will not be interfered with by other users and vice versa. If so, then you should be able to to install PHP 7.x in your hosted environment, or they can.

My experience is that many providers don't support it right now, but it's very easy to set up yourself in a VPS enviroment.

I imagine once 7.0 is accepted into the official linux packages it will start to become more widely avaliable, but I'm unsure if there's a date target for this.

Although there are many hosting providers which are providing php 7 hosting. I will recommend you to choose Cloud servers such as Digital Ocean and Vultr. If you are not a much technical person then it would be a better option to go for managed hosting platform such as Cloudways. Cloudway is providing php 7 hosting as well. You may deploy php 7 on new server as well.

Hi I suggest you spicyhost.in because they have high hardware configuration with quick customer support also..and using updated technology..so just once you check with them.

Many of hosting providers providing PHP7 services, but you check who are providing completely managed servers,for that you will get excellent customer supports and risk free also.

Which good game hosting company with FTP and Control Panel you know, I know Pingless are good.

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