im still newbie in programming please help me.. I already try the code below but it doesnt work, cannot connect. I am using Xampp as a server

Dim con as new MysqlConnection(",host=localhost;port=3306;uid=root;database=sampledatabase")

I dont know why it doesnt work.. Tnx in advance guys

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It should be

Host is not allowed to connect to this MYSQL server

cannot connect.. how to fix this one sir?

should i download first jdbc mysql( in server PC or anything? Please help me just a project

Your response from MySQL above indicates that the host/server you are trying to connect from is blocked. You need to contact the database administrator about this I think.

Its not really blocked sir because when i try to connect using another language, it directly connected to the database in another PC. And theres no problem in port 3306

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