I know this sounds like a "Do my homework" question, but I am new to coding and am struggling to come up with a method to combine multiple RFT Files. The files contain around 3000/4000 characters. I want to initially open up a 'master' RFT file and then append multiple RTF files I have selected to this file. I have an array that stores all the filenames of the selected RTF Files. Any help appreciated.


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Read up on how an RTF file works, because it contains markup to indicate paragraphs etc. You cannot just append a file at the end, it has to be inserted in the right spot and without the start and end markup of that file (you only want it's text).

The files you are inserting need to be stripped of some of the markup, and the easiest way to insert them in a master file, is to use a marker (INSERT_HERE).

I know, I have already stripped the files of their markup, so that when appended and opened in word the relevant sections have all been formatted and copied correctly.
I dont think I can use the INSERT_HERE Command as the data is too big to fit into a string. Thanks

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