I decided to learn how to program with Ada language .. if any one can advise me which compiler that I have to use ?? there are many of them .. but i havn't any knowledge about

Start with just about any other language. I suggest Python, or if you want a GUI, vb.net or C#.net.

That's a blast from the past. While I did have a reason to know Ada that was over 2 decades ago. Unless your job depends on it, I'd supply a little more about what you want to write, if it has a GUI or is it Web based and more.

Oh am already writing with C# , C++ ,java and little Python .. i just wanna do this for fun and knowing new language .. i found Compiler called AdaGuide but am stuck within , i think because it's not fimiliar

FWIW, the Oracle embedded PL/SQL software is a derivative of Ada. It (Ada) was developed by the US Government - our tax dollars at work! The Gnu Ada compiler is probably the best bet - available on Source Forge, it has versions for most every operating system. Here is a link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gnuada/

Most linux systems have Ada in their standard repositories. It is called gcc-gnat, and there is a GUI front end for it as well called GtkAda.