Hello, I need someone that have a good knowledge about any web language to help me create some simple "blank" webpage, it won't take a lot of your time, maybe 5 minutes.. it's very simple and basic..
If you want to help, please send me your facebook profile link so I can add you and we can talk..
Thanks a lot!

Not sure what you're really after, but here's a blank HTML page :)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Blank Page</title>

not a fully blank page... i mean it appears blank for other users because I wanna use it on my winform webbrowser control.... I can explain more in a chat like facebook or something.. cause I don't know how to explain it fully in a post..

Sorry, but I can't help you with that. I don't know anything about WinForms.

You don't have to know anything about winforms.. You just need to know PHP or sth similar to create an iframe and then get a string from the website that loads in it and send it to an email. That's it

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How much? $$$

These forums are for the benefit of the community, so going off-site is not really the way we work.

@diafol no thanks xD taking money for such a simple 10 lines code?
I found some group on facebook and a member of it helped me and made it in like 10 minutes.

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Beggars can be choosers after all ;)

I asked for help, and I hoped that I could find some friendly people out there to help me. But if the "featured" moderator in this forum is making fun of me, because i wanted help, I really think this is not a place where someone can find friendly, or respectable people.
And thanks for persuading me to leave this forum before I start getting used to it.

Apologies for making you feel that way, wasseem1345! I was not making fun at you, only at the way you putted your issue into words. I was just showing how your question was read to me and probably to some others as well.
If I knew that you were that serious type of guy, I wouldn't have replied at all.

Well thanks for the reply.. I'm not that surious type, but I felt he was offending me, and I never thought a moderator can do this...
I'll just forget it.. and sorry for bothering u...

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@waseem - Yes I was making fun of you. Intentionally. Just so there's no ambiguity. But, I hope I wasn't offensive. You say that you're offended - I can only take that to mean that you have a particularly thin skin. Get over yourself.

Asking somebody to do work for you and then saying we'll discuss it off forum is not what we're about. If you want to do that, go to Facebook, go to Twitter, just don't litter our forums with threads like these as they serve absolutely no purpose at all on a social learning platform like this.

Hope that's clear.

Don't leave on my account. If I or anybody else here has hurt your sensibilities, report the post. Simple.

Ah well, I just reread your first reply again and now I really understood that you were saying that I mustn't leave the site, I misunderstood, I thought you were sarcastic me for not offering any payment.. Well, sorry I didn't understand correctly.. I didn't know there is a chatbox in this site (just noticed the "live chat" button beside my name). I didn't try to do something that is against the rules of this forums, I didn't know I mustn't do that..
Well, for the future, I'll ask for using the builtin live chat instead, i really didn't know about it..
I'm sorry for taking ur time sir, and for making such a problem on the forum, I will not request leaving the forums again..

Oh... and I thought you meant me, anyway... peace to all! :)

there are many examples of miscommunication because of the use of words that have two meanings or not being heard correctly.

For example:
A co-pilot was feeling a little sad, so just as the aircraft was taking off the captain says "cheer up" but the noisy aircraft made it difficult to hear and the co-pilot misunderstood and thought the captain said "gear up" and he did causing the aircraft to crash.

So when someone says i need a "BLANK PAGE" some people would take it litterely.

My advise is to state clearly the objective. Then others will assist as best they can and others that have a similar problem will benefit by using this forum.