I am fairly new to java using Spring boot and maven. I was assigned a task to get the revision number and timestamp for the current revision from the project and put them into an app.properties file . Most of the demonstrations I have found displayed the templates as such, version=${version} revision=${buildNumber} date=${timestamp}. I tried these all in a seperate application and they worked properly, however it the release notes for spring boot 1.3 state that the templates now have to be written such as, @version@.

Version works properly using that information, however the build number and timestamp do not print out anything except for the template that should be replaced with that information. I have googled and checked stack overflow but i am not finding any way to get these two things working properly. I have also tried to pull the information from SVN but it is also just returning the template on commit

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The thing is, I don't see this being a standard in the system you are asking about. Maybe I'm missing it but the app version number is something we decide on when we begin a project. I can't tell you how to do this since on each project we let the owner of the project tell us how they want to run the version numbers.

Not to mention the fact that there is no "law" that states a project HAS TO provide information about it's version or build.

commented: This area is one I let the owner make the rule (or law.) Something about the owner of the gold makes the rules. +10
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