Hi, I just need a little help here. I have no experience in syncronization of databases of any type and I think I need it in my project now.
I developed a CATV (Cable TV) Billing Software in VB.Net for all cable system branches of our company and I use MySQL as my database in our web server. Our users are having trouble in using my app 'coz sometimes they are not connected to internet or sometimes internet is very slow that delays all transactions.

As user login to my app it will connect to our online database via internet ofcourse and all transactions are depending on internet speed. All I want is to setup a local database and let users connect with it for fast transaction and data encoding then at the end of the day when they click a button the app will automaticaly connect to online database and syncronize all data where every update should take place in every subscriber's record or if there are new subscribers... the the system will automaticaly insert all additional subscribers' record.

How is this possible? Thanx in advance.

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Thank you. I'll try to study that mysql replication. Is that the easiest way to solve my problem? Just asking :)

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