I have been alerted o the fact that there are "security issues" with Javascript, but have no idea what the issues are. I have written a webpage in HTML which incorporates a menu written in Javascript. A user alerted me to the fact that the menu does not appear with IE 11 browser. Upon investigating, I have concluded that this is because scripting is disabled by default with IE 11. To me this is a major problem, as I think most users will not be aware that they don't have scripting enabled, or be aware of what this means; even if alerted, they may not wish to turn it on, to know how to, or be aware of the consequences.
The simple answer for me is to write the code in PHP, thus avoiding Javascript. But as a general principle, the default setup option for IE 11 implies that Javascript should not be used in any circumstances. I'm sure my logic must be faulty in this discussion, but I would very much like to hear the opinion of other developers.

Many thanks, Dave.

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"scripting is disabled by default with IE 11" doesn't appear to be true. Link I used: https://www.google.com/search?q=scripting+is+disabled+by+default+with+IE+11

If they disable JavaScript (JS) then that's the user's choice to go without and not something you need to address today. There are long discussions so I'll be brief about that and move on to a more likely issue.

The more common issue is a matter of your page and what you used on it. That is, I'm always checking http://caniuse.com/ to see if that's why it didn't work.

But if they opted to disable JS, that's they choice and not a security issue.

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