Cache in local storage of browsers gets cleared when website page redirects from AliPay payment website. This is happening in some computers and working fine in some.

From my website user selects AliPay payment method then user is redirected to payment website and on successful payment is being redirected back to our website.

In most cases it dont clear cache and works normal but in some cases it clears cache. Why is this happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Update: After some investigating i thought Rapport is making trouble but it is not. This problem is only on chrome but working normally on Mozilla FireFox and internet explorer.

Update 2: After i changed my internet from office to home it started working normally. Internet has any link with chrome which clears cache?? My Website

(edited) I looked at this and my thought here is this is about "your site and cache contol." I think you need to break your PC browser then read more at then you can proceed to tune your web site to your needs. Remember that others control their PC so you need to not fix your PC in this case but fix your site to work with broken (?) browsers.