Write a looping program for Theater Seating selection
The program will display the theater seating (shown later) and prompt the user to select a seat to purchase using the row number and column number.
If the seat is not available (has already been sold), your program should re-display the theater seating and tell the user that the seat (row and column) they selected is not available, and then prompt for another selection.
When an available seat is sold:

  1. The seat will be indicated in the display with an “X”. 2. Output “Thank you for choosing seat # row : r, column: c ” 3. Output “Your ticket price is $ price” 4. The program will pause for about 2 seconds, clear the screen, and then continue, and re-prompt for seat selection.
    If all seats are sold, the program will announce that the theater is sold out, display the theater (it will be all X’s), and end.
    The program must use functions for the following operations (at a minimum)
    Display theater seating - void
    Check to see if the seat is available – void or bool
    Check to see if the theater is sold out - bool
    The program must validate User input - "ATTENTION: THE SEAT SELECTED, Row " << userRow << ", Column " << userColumn << " DOES NOT EXIST."
    The design must use a two dimensional array (9 x 8) with the pricing shown in dollars, and continue to prompt for seat selection until all seats are sold.
    Seating must be displayed with the highest prices at the bottom as shown.
    Grades will be based on meeting the requirements of the project (following directions and content), program design and layout, variable/function naming conventions, attention to detail, program style, and operation.

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@OP, this is either a job up for grabs or homework. Please read the link JC gave along with clarifying pay for the work or if homework, show your work and where you think you are stuck.

# include<iostream>
# include<iomanip>
using namespace std;
void seats( double [] , int);
void mapSeats(); 
char movMenu(char);
int main() 


const int rowNumber = (15.0);
double rowVal[rowNumber];
char select;
int row1, column1;

@K, You pasted some code but it looks incomplete plus you didn't tell where you are stuck.

It would be great if forum could help me with whole program

@K Step back and stop coding. Really! When you design an app you sketch it out first. Then you can thing about code.

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