How to check in vb6 ** if variable value is a string(except for special character**) or number?

- Jeff -

You can check for various types. This comes from stackoverflow:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
 Dim x As Variant
    ''//These are all different types:
    x = "1"
    'x = 1
    'x = 1&
    'x = 1#
    Select Case VarType(x)
        Case vbEmpty
        Case vbNull
        Case vbInteger
        Label1 = "Integer"
        Case vbLong
        Case vbSingle
        Case vbDouble
        Case vbCurrency
        Case vbDate
        Case vbString
        Label1 = "String"
        Case vbObject
        Case vbError
        Case vbBoolean
        Case vbVariant
        Case vbDataObject
        Case vbDecimal
        Case vbByte
        Case vbUserDefinedType
        Case vbArray
        Case Else
    End Select
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