How to Send Email automatically without opening gmail compose box using Javascript

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Post this to the appropriate forum - you posted it to Community. Try "Web Development". You need to provide more information too and show any code that you've tried out. Do not expect members to provide you with fully working solutions if you have not made any attempt yourself.

I seriously doubt you can do this. In fact I sincerely hope you can't, because it'd be extremely easy to write spambots that way, lurking on some innocent looking website that use the gmail account of the person visiting the site to send thousands of phishing emails or other mallicious emails per second.

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You can certainly do this via Ajax or even a redirect. When the server gets the nod to send email, job done. Most serverside languages have imap functions. You won't be able to do all of this in js though, as mentioned by jwenting. Not sure about nodejs. :)

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