Hi good day.. i need your help with my exercises..
i need to know how to compute the cents.. in any given amount.. in denominations.. for C programming

Given amount : 1886.25

if (amount>=1000)

x = amount / 1000;
amount % 1000;

Answer is : 1

but for the cents.. i dont know how to calculate it.. please help.. Thanks..

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For cents multiply by 100 and take modulo 100

but how should i make it..

amount * 100;

is that it?

Yes it is!

still not showing the cents.. :(

its shows only 1000 , 500, 200 , 100 , 50 , 20 , 10 , 5, 1...
but cents not showing

100%100 will not give you the correct answer I presume.

commented: I checked this with and it gave me zero. +12


float amount = 1886.25;
int cents =(int)(amount*100) % 100;

I'm still a little confused.
What is an exact example of the output you expect?

input = 1886.25

What do you want the program to show?

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