Where or can someone help me on using Visual Studio Code; as I installed a Python extension and I can't get the console / debugger to show the results of the code ?

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Show the code you're trying to use.

I just want to get VSC setup so when doing something like print("hello mango") I see the result. I've been searching for someone who could answer my VSC questions.

Without knowing what you've done it's difficult to diagnose anything. Did you install this?

What Operating System are you using?


The terminal in windows is called cmd. This is referred to by the shortcut Command Prompt. In windows 10, you can use the File Explorer to create the folder that it asks for. Navigate to that folder. Press the File tab and select Open Command Prompt->Open Command Prompt. When it opens, type code . and press enter. This will open vscode and you should be able to follow the rest of the tutorial from there.

I must always create the folder as well as the source code file with the commandcode . ?

I should be able to open the integrated terminal as mentioned here; and type python hello.py and it runs the file; unfortunately I get an error as integrated terminal opens Powershell; whether it's suppose to open Power shell or not; I can't run the code as mentioned in the tutorial ?

Creating the folder was to help keep your files organized. You can put the source files in any folder and open that folder from vscode(File -> Open Folder). Once the folder is opened you can add a new file or edit an existing one that is in that folder.

Apparently, in Windows 10 vscode uses Power Shell as the default terminal. Changing the default integrated terminal is a bit involved.

For now I'd suggest running the cmd terminal inside Power Shell(type cmd and press enter) and run your python scripts from that, as per the tutorial. You will probably need to run the cmd command each time you start the terminal. Once you get more comfortable with vscode, it is possible to change the default terminal.

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