Good day,

             I am newbie on programming and started to learn, What I would like to do is to create an attendance system that have a time in and time out , once the person successfully timed in it displays on form the current time he got in and also captures image from webcam and displays it on a groupbox named collection, same goes with the time out and of course it should be placed in access database. I was able figure out the log in time to display on groupbox named collection once the person was authenticated with password and usename but I dont know how to do it on timed out. What I am thinking is to let person search his name first to check if he got timed in that day then once it is verified he can time out? Please let me know if it is correct or if you have a better idea? I know my question might be vague or poorly explained, but this is the best way I can descibe it. Thanks and more power!