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I am a newbie programmer in python and I am trying to read multiple csv files from a folder, replace the delimeter for all the csv files and then output these files into a new folder with replaced delimiter. So far I am stuck at the beginning. Please can someone point out some tips?


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This job should not be written in code. It should be a single line command and what that command is may vary with the host OS.

Changing the delimeter could be done with the tr command. Read http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_man_pages/tr1.html
As to working the files from one directory to anoter, that's the old command line (dos style) for in (files.) do something.

Why code when it's one command line?


Plus, if you are stuck at the beginning it's a good sign that you are biting off more than you can chew. Some people seem to think they can go from "hello, world" to complex applications without doing all the work in-between. I call this JBS for Jethro Bodine Syndrome. I'll be happy to explain that but I'd like to think there are a few other diinosaurs out there who will get the reference.


While I have your attention, will you please take the time to ensure that you are posting in the appropriate area of Daniweb?

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