hi so im trying to do a code that will ask the user for 3 values,determine if those values make a triangle,find the angles if it does make a triangle ane draw the triangle if the values make one.im having trouble drawing the trangle.this is the code i have so far.Can someone plese help me do the triangle baced on the values that the user gives ?

from turtle import *
from math import *

a = float(input("enter the a value: "))
b = float(input("enter the b value: "))
c = float(input("enter the c value: "))

if (a + b >= c) and (b + c >= a) and (c + a >= b):
   print("it's a triangle")

   A = print(degrees(acos((b**2 + c**2 - a**2)/(2*b*c))))
   B = print(degrees(acos((c**2 + a**2 - b**2)/(2*c*a))))
   C = print(degrees(acos((a**2 + b**2 - c**2)/(2*a*b))))
   print("it's not a triangle")