string minute = "15";
        string minute2 = "20";
        string minute3 = "27";
        string minute4 = "02";
        TimeSpan first = TimeSpan.Parse(minute);
        TimeSpan second = TimeSpan.Parse(minute2);
        TimeSpan Third = TimeSpan.Parse(minute3);
        TimeSpan fourth = TimeSpan.Parse(minute4);
        TimeSpan now = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay;

        if (now == first|| now == second || now == Third || now == fourth)


      is it correct what i have done in   because i am not geeting proper output
Re: regarding comparing of time in in current time 80 80

What output are you expecting? As of right now the code outputs nothing, but the methods are in use fine... Have a look at this.

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