hey i have been given a project need help in coding it

Project Problem:
A company wants you to create a program to manage records and do analysis regarding projects. The company stores all information in a file as follows:
 The PROJECT file contains project characteristics such as the project name and project code.
 The EMPLOYEE file contains the employee names, phone number, address, etc.
 The JOB file contains the billing charge per hour for each of the job types – a biological engineer, a computer technician, and electrical engineer would generate different billing charges per hour.
 The CHARGE file would be used to keep track of the number of hours by job type that will be billed for each employee who worked on the project.

  1. This problem must be solved using structures and arrays. Create the struct for each file. In the driver program, read the files into the respective arrays. The analysis should happen through these arrays.
  2. Your program should do the following:
     Read the data file and store details in arrays.
     Create a menu for the user that can do the following:
    o Exit program
    o Display all projects handled by the company
    o Display Employee ID, Employee Name, Job Description and Total amount earned by each employee. Amount can be calculated using CHG_HOURS and JOB_CHARGE.
    o Display project code, project name and the total amount paid to all employees involved in that project.
    o Search an employee using the employee ID. This function should return the index of the record or it should return -1. Printing should be handled by the main program.
    o Insert an employee in the array.
     Except the first menu, all others should be implemented using functions of the main program.

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The times have really changed. I mean such an assignment back then would be given more than 3 days and usually would build on prior assignments.

Did you put this off or is this the new way of things?

And of course we have to ask the obvious - what, specifically do you need help with?

I would like to know the code of how to read those text files and store data in arrays

Let's just write this here. Few forums will write your assignment for you. But if you are stuck on some line of code then all the forums I've seen help out.

Also, please answer questions put to you.

Break it down.

Obviously four structs contained in an array or vector.

You'll need to open each file, skip the first junk line, parse each line into your struct, then cross reference and display the info as needed.


That site should be your go to bible. You should be able to pratically copy paste most of the info from that site in the example snippets and get what you need. Because you need very little.

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