I am very new to programming as I am only a few weeks into my C# class. I have a project and after reading and reading my book, sadly I am stuck. Here is what the project calls for: I need to create a program that converts inches as an input to feet, yards and miles as an out put. I need to set all of the values to two points after the decimal and use constants, variables and separate methods to accomplish this task.
I have an idea as how to start the program and how to use constants and variables but am confused as how to use various methods to accomplish this task. Again I am sure this is basic stuff and has become frustrating that I am in need of help. I do have a desire to learn this and become good at it. If anyone can help me not just complete the project but ultimately understanding of programming it would be greatly appreciated.

There are plenty of online courses from free to paid (Udemy is mentioned a lot and has some free ones.)

Most schools have tutors if you check in with your school counselor.

commented: Thank you for getting back to me. I agree there is so much information online, but my issue is the more I read and watch the more I become confused. +0

The trick is to try doing it by hand first. Write down all the steps to get the desired results. It has to be clear enough that another person would be able to do the task only from the instructions. Those instructions are your pseudo code. Then it's a matter of translating that set of instructions to c# code.

As Reverend Jim wrote, maybe you are trying to use your computer before you have all the steps and design. The online courses and tutors are where many start but it sounds like you need to step back and do the thinking before the coding.

Can't do your homework for you, but here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Constants - Use these to define the conversion multipliers. For example: private int FeetConversionRate = 12; (12 inches in a foot)
  2. Use decimal as the type for your output variables (look up how to format the decimal type for output)
  3. Create a method for each conversion type and pass in the value you read in as an argument. You can return the converted value from the method call to print out. For example: private decimal InchesToFeet(int inches)...

Google SOLID principles and it will help you learn best practices for coding (although some of it may be a little over your head since you're so new to this).

I won't do your homework for you, but I would love to help you with it. I'm passionate about mentoring junior programmers (enough so that I'm considering volunteering with MS TEALS) and since you said you want to learn and be better, I would like to help you reach that goal. I have been a developer for > 25 years and got my first MCSD cert in 1999. So, I'm very familiar with C# and the rest of the MS stack. I'm also very passionate about agile methodologies and TDD in particular. I would prefer to teach you how to do your homework using TDD for reasons that will be obvious once you understand it. Send me an email at scott "dot" merilatt "at" live "dot" com (replace the items in quotes) with your assignment, and we can set up a time to do a skype, facetime, code share, etc meeting to go over it.

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