Hello Everyone!, I am currently a freshman at MATC(Milwaukee Area Techinal College) I am at the one Downtown in Milwaukee, and I am taking a class called Intro To Oriented Computer Programming(which is learning and coding the Program Java, and I have been seeing a tutor, but I cannnot figure out for the life of me as to how to do this assignment and here are the instrcutions for it........

****Bester is a dice game where players try to play the odds against each other. Each player rolls five die for up to five rolls. The total value of all die is calculated for each roll. After each roll a player can stop if they feel the total value of the roll is sufficient to win. Each player attempts to beat the total value of the previous players. The winner is the one with the highest total after five attempts.

Using Object Oriented Programming Practices, create a Bester game using the IDE and programming language your instructor has chosen for this course. Here are some requirements:

1.Create a new Project in Visual Studio. Use the following naming convention for the project: lastname_Bester . Example: smith_Bester.

2.The app must have at least four classes. Correctly apply names to the classes, and files.

  1. Display introduction and directions on what user is to do.

  2. The app should remain open to allow users to play as many games as they would like.

  3. There must be five different die that are rolled for each player and computer turn.

  4. The individual values for each die should be displayed after rolling.

  5. The computer will always roll first. When the computer has finished their roll the player will then roll.

  6. Rolls alternate between player and computer until each has had the opportunity to roll five times.

  7. A player and the computer must roll at least once, but can pass on a roll at any time after the first roll and allow the opponent to take its turn. A ‘pass’ does not count towards a turn to roll.

  8. The total value for a player roll must be stored. Each roll replaces the previous total value.
    After each roll for the player or the computer, the total value for the roll must be totaled and displayed.

  9. The number of rolls must be monitored.

  10. There can be no more than five possible rolls for either player or computer.

  11. An audible alert for the player and the computer must be used to help distinguish between rolls.

  12. The total value for both the player and the computer must be displayed at all times.

  13. The winner must be declared after both computer and player have had five chances to complete.

  14. The player must always be able to quit the game at any time.

And here is what I have so far........


I was just wondering as to what else I need to do for it Please Help :D

Can you please post your code here in the forums using our editor? It’s hard to read the blurry text in the screenshot. Thanks!

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