HI , First at all i'm a newbie and sorry if this a dumb question.

i want to create a form that only can be submitted once per day by each user, each user has thier own id. My question is how to create a process that will check if the user already submitted and only can be summited on the next day .

This is code that i have tried and now working




        $quer1="SELECT * FROM activity_log where id_user='$id' AND date_create_log = '$now_date_time'";
           while ($row= mysqli_fetch_array($quer2)>0){
        if($row["date_create_log"] ==  $now_date_time=date('Y/m/d')){
    echo "<script langauge=\"javascript\">alert(\"Data Already Inserted Today\");


        $que1="INSERT INTO activity_log (id_user,id_kedai)  VALUES ('$id','$id_kedai')";
        $que2= mysqli_query($db_conn_e,$que1); 

        echo    "<script langauge=\"javascript\">alert(\"Success\");



the date_create_log is set as current_timestamp in database.

Sorry for asking.

You may use session or user ID and check if it is same, then you can disable the submit!

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