I have been searching and try out number of different articles regarding how to insert data using a wcf service. With every example I try I end up with errors. I need to created a wcf service and pass data to a database in a MVC 5 application. I'm currently using visual studio 2015 and sql Server 2014. If any one can put me in the right path that would be a great help.Thank you in advance

Re: Inserting data to a database using wcf services 80 80

Do you have any of the code you have tried? For instance what approaches have you attempted that have caused errors? This can help prevent duplicate work, or possibly finding the bug in what you have tried

Re: Inserting data to a database using wcf services 80 80

Hi JOSHeaIV, I have successfully created a wcf service and I have referenced it to the mvc application. I need to know how can i pass data from the view the database via that wcf service. I can send data wia wcf test client to the data base.

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