Project Title: Student Record & Registration using Linked list
This project is a Linked List application. The project considers st. Paul’s university having
three departments: Business, Social Sciences and Computer Science. The university considers
KCPE (O-level) , KCSE (A-level) and entry test marks for registering a student and calculate
an aggregate based on a specific criteria. The project finds in which dept. a student should be
registered and store its record(temporarily) using linked list. Note that this Linked list
implementation just serves as a starting point. You may modify it (like adding other
departments in the university and changing admission criteria) or extend it (for instance,
writing the student records to a text file for later retrieval).

The subject question is how to create Java program. The discussion follows with what looks like an assignment which was copy/pasted and no questions.

Usually the course instructor shares how to create Java programs with a suggested editor and/or IDE. To create such you use that system.
Here's one I see students using today:

As to the assignment please read about such at

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