Can you help me to find words in sentence which start and end with same letter with visual basic.

Released in September 1998, Visual Basic 6.0 is rarely found today and certainly not used for any new app.

That's 22 years ago and given you can barely get the system to work on today's Windows 10 it's unlikely to find help.

Why would you need to do this on such an outdated system?

Whatever basic you are using I suggest using a regular expression. The following expression will match any word of more than one letter (no apostrophes) as long as you use the ignore case option.


The first [a-z] matches the first letter in a word. Putting it in parentheses allows us to refer back to the matched letter with \1. The rest of the expression [a-z]* matches all remaining letters in the word. So the full expression is

  1. the first letter
  2. all other letters
  3. whatever the first letter was
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