You are the owner of a hardware store and need to keep an inventory that can tell you
what different tools you have, how many of each you have on hand and the cost of
each one. Write a program that initializes the random-access file hardware.dat to
100 empty records, lets you input the data concerning each tool, enables you to list all
your tools, lets you delete a record for a tool that you no longer have and lets you
update any information in the file. The tool identification number should be the record
number.Need to make use of File Processing technique and code in C.
Use the following information to start your file:

Record# Tool name Quantity Cost
3 Electric sander 7 57.98
17 Hammer 76 11.99
24 Jig saw 21 11.00
39 Lawn mower 3 79.50
56 Power saw 18 99.99
68 Screwdriver 106 6.99
77 Sledge hammer 11 21.50
83 Wrench 34 7.50

I am new to programming and this is kinda hard for me. If anyone willing to help please help me.
Thank you in advanced.

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