I want to make sqlite table like this format:

| Matric | Name                        | GitHub Link               | Status |
|--------|--------------------------   |---------------------------|--------|
| 243340 | Yu Zhixiong                 | https://github.com/abcde  | Yes    |
| 250634 | Ahmad Afham Bin Noor Azizan |                           | No     |

I get two link is first link is about student who have submit the githublink,the second is about matric and name.and the status is not given the two of link

Now I already get second link information and I do not know how to get githublink and the status because the githublink is not everyone have the githublink.So how i can identified it and connect it like a table?


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So much was left unwritten here so I'll write about how we go from nowhere to app.

There are many articles about how to design and code but let's try it this way.

  1. Do the work manually.
  2. Write down each step you did in detail.
  3. Now select your language, development system and then.
  4. Using your manual steps, craft code that does each step.

This may look messy but it is a way to get from nowhere to the app that does what you did manually.

commented: ok but now i writen code about the scrapped data,but not idea to link together.May I ask for example or any keywords to show me. +0

If you have a new question, that should be in a new discussion along with the details needed to work the question.

Here, I have no way to guess what you meant by your comment.

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