Mr.Sadik and Ramadan are competing together, both of them wants to become expert on Codeforces first.

You will be given two numbers R1 and R2, where R1 is the current rate of Mr.Sadik and R2 is the current rate of Ramadan.

Can you determine who will become expert first after adding X1 to Mr.Sadik rate and adding X2 to Ramadan rate.

Note that the rate must reach 1600 to become an expert.

You will be given two lines. The first line will be current rates R1 and R2 where (0≤R1,R2≤106).

The second line will be additonal rates X1 and X2 where (0≤X1,X2≤106).

Print Mr.Sadik if he became expert first otherwise print Ramadan.

If they both became expert print the one who has higher rate.

If none of them became expert print None.

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Sorry, most community members here won’t take the time to help you unless you put in some effort. Show us what you have tried so far and where you’re stuck or what isn’t working. We have nothing to gain by doing someone else’s homework for them.

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