Dear Team,
I am underprocess of a working for Tailor software where i need your kind and appreciation advise.

I have fields of cloth like shirt and trouser of a customer, when i enter the records into database it is working well if single shirt or single trouser.

I want if a customer needs two shirts and three trousers it must be shown into data grid with rows wise as mentioned below.

     Roger          Trouser

First, VB6 is over 28 years ago and good luck buying a license today as well as installing the system on today's Windows.

I'd move to and for your data grid I'd look at the DataGridView noted at

commented: Amazing!!! Not agreed then why we are using Windows 11 Pro,base system of vb6. I am smiling surprises to read your comments on vb. +0

Very simple.
Create comprehensive table of Customer requirement likewise.
Customer Name
Contact No

For this, you have to select a datagrid control and connect it with ADODC, your all records will be appeared here at run time
now execute,

adodc1.recordsource="Select shirts, trousers, qtyshirts, qtytrousers from Tailor(tablename)

above line may be written on command control button.

here is..

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