Write a program that stores information about the products in a single linked list that is being sold in a store: product code, product name and price.
In the second single linked list stores data on products purchased by individual customers. Each of the element of the second list represents one item of an account and contains the following elements: ordinal
bill number, quantity and pointer to the corresponding product in the first list (each element of the second lists, in addition to containing a pointer to the next element, also contains a pointer to one of elements in the first list). The lists are not sorted. Data is entered as long as the user wants it.

The structures required for implementation are:

> struct product
> {
> int code;
> char title[51];
> float price;
> product*sequence;
> };
> struct item
> {
> long br;
> int amount;
> product *info;
> item*sequence;


Write a function that will print all the bill codes for the given product we want to check the total quantity purchased of that product. The function is called until the user decides to end interaction with the program.

So, basically I'm begginer and I got this assignement that I must do. I'm struggling to make it done, but it is for some reason hard to grasp for me.
Anyone who has a tip and wants to share it with me is more than welcome.
Thank you, and have a nice day y'all!

When I have a big job (I haven't had school assignments for decades) my approaches are:

  1. Design first, code later.
  2. If the design is overwhelming then I break the design into manageable components.
  3. If a component or chunk is still too big I break it down further.

Sometimes those new to this work try to code without the design or break it up into manageable pieces steps.

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