Simulate an ATM machine. Program should able to do the following operations:

A. Create accounts for the users. A user account is created using User ID and Password. Every user has unique User ID and Password.

B. A user should able to login using his User ID and Password.

C. A user can quit the program.

D. Provision to Delete a User

Initially there are no users. There program should prompt for the following option:

  1. New Account,

  2. Login,

  3. Quit and

  4. Delete an Account

Depending upon the option selected necessary action to be taken. New Account option adds a user account. When a user is added then the total number of users is increased by one. For successful Login option user will be able to do the following:

a) Withdraw money,

b) Deposit money, and

c) Request balance,

For unsuccessful Login, the program displays a message “Login or Password Did Not Match, Try Again” and prompts the initial four options. When a Delete an Account option is selected, the program prompts for: User ID, Password to be deleted. On deleting a user the number of users is reduced by one. Quit option terminates the program.

The program to run infinitely until a user quits the program. Total numbers of users are unknown. Select a suitable data structure to implement. The program should able to display the following when requested for:

(i) Number of users and Total deposit,

(ii) Deposit for Given User ID

(iii) Transaction Details for a Given User ID

Select appropriate Class, Member function and Data Members for your program

This appears to be a dump of some homework assignment so you won't get far. Try this instead. Tell us where you are stumped and if it's in code, share that code that has you stumped and ask for ideas about how to get past the problem.

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