I want to make a Visual Basic contacts application that stores the names, emails and countries of up to 10 different people and allows the user to lookup an address based on its number.

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Good to hear. Can you share where you are stuck so we can begin a discussion?

Even if we were willing to help you get caught cheating by providing you the code for this in a public, easily searched forum, you haven't told us nearly enough about the specifics of the assignment. Which version of VB are we talking about (since you tagged both VB.net and Visual Basic 6)? How is the data stored - in a list in the program, as a text file, in a SQL database, some other way? Is this a GUI program (a reasonable assumption for VB), and if so, how do you mean to display the output (e.g., in a textbox, as a listbox, whatever)? If this is an ASP.NET application (since you tagged that as well, and C++ too for some reason), then would you need to present this in the server-generated page?

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